Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child needs help. What do I do?

    Start by taking advantage of resources at school. Flex and access periods, peer tutoring, and office hours are great ways for your student to get support.
    Want more?
    We’re here for you! Whether your child is struggling in a class or striving for a top grade, they will be immersed in a supportive, positive environment with teachers ready to help them achieve their goals.

  • What kind of tutoring programs does Steps offer?

    We help students raise their achievement in math, science, history, writing, and languages. We also teach a comprehensive curriculum for SAT and ACT preparation. All tutorials are done in a small group setting so that master teachers can specifically address each student’s needs while creating an enjoyable and motivational environment.

  • What does Steps offer during the summer?

    The Steps Summer Program is an excellent opportunity to get a preview of the concepts that students will be challenged with during the upcoming school year. Teachers that have created the curricula at our award-winning schools will be teaching at Steps. Whether your student wants to gain some confidence before their next math class or would like to ease the shock of that first AP class, Steps summer prep classes will get them ready for the coming school year.

  • What kind of training do Steps tutors have?

    All tutors at Steps have proven to be successful teachers who are in high demand at their respective schools. Our teachers enjoy making connections with students as they help them to be successful in their classes.

  • How much does tutoring at Steps cost?

    Small-group tutorials are $50 per one-hour class, based on quarterly enrollment. Most quarters have between 9 and 10 weeks, and tuition is due in full before attending the first class. Students may join a tutorial at any time and tuition will be prorated. Occasionally, semi-private and private tutorials are available at a higher cost.

  • Are there any special offers available?

    We love referrals! If you refer someone who signs up for a quarter of tutoring or for one of our SAT or ACT prep courses, we will apply a $25 credit toward your tuition. There is no limit, so spread the word!
    Other fun referral opportunities are offered to students throughout the year as well…ask us how to earn gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters!

  • Will my child be paired with a teacher he has at school?

    Students may not be in a paid tutorial with their current classroom teacher, and no exceptions will be made.

  • What if there is not a class offered for a subject that my child needs help with right now?

    Occasionally, we will offer individual or semi-private tutoring to support students until a class is formed. We open tutorials with three or more students, so gather a few friends and give us a call. You’ll earn referral credits and ensure that your student is getting the best possible support.