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“The instructors are great – I have gained more confidence in my work and my grades on tests have greatly increased.”

M. Shaffer, student

“I have to credit Steps with direct influence on the academic success of my son. Since Harvest Park where my son was failing math to now an academic star as a senior at AVHS. My son went from a math failure to a math success story with a 4.0 at AVHS taking AP science and Math classes. No one would believe the influence Mr. Little and all the tutors and also Kerry has had on him. As a sophomore he was accepted to the USNA STEM program. This past summer he was accepted to an internship at Sandia and the UC Berkeley mentor program.
It takes a village to mentor and turn an individual into a lover of math and science. I want to personally thank STEPS as being a part of my sons village since Harvest Park!”

M. Londoño, parent

“Steps has been such a positive environment for me as I progressed throughout high school math. Math has not been an easy subject for me, and I’ve always needed the extra help to make sure I succeed. Asking for help has not always been easy either, and Mr. Little, Mrs. Carrion, and Mrs. Kelly all made it easier to speak up and made me feel comfortable when I typically do not feel comfortable while asking questions in the classroom. I had several friends recommend them to me, and I couldn’t say any more positive things about the fantastic help from each of these teachers, from their understanding attitude to helpful tips. Kerry is always a joy and helpful in the front, too so scheduling was never an issue. Steps has always been my favorite place for tutoring, and it always made homework less scary. Thank you Steps!”

L. Moore, student

“Working with my geometry teacher at Steps helps me really understand my homework throughout the week, and that makes me want to try harder and focus in class because now I understand the material. My grades and test scores have greatly improved.”

- ShannonAmador Valley High School

“Steps has been a god-send for my high school daughter. She signed up halfway thru 1st semester of sophomore Algebra 2 with a D and ended up  with a B in the class. As a Junior she again signed up after almost 2 months in Math 4, with a C- and now has an A!!  She has had both Mrs. Carrion and Mr. Little as tutors and both have been phenomenal. She only goes once a week, but is always prepared for her tests. We have been so pleased, that we are signing her up for the SAT prep through Steps!”

- Michelle L , Parent of Foothill student

“I am an ESL student and struggled with the SAT test. I was able to increase my verbal score by 130 points after I completed the Steps prep course.”

- Ma,Foothill High School, Junior

“‘C’ in Math may not sound like much, but that is what my son is at now in Honors Geometry and this is a brilliant indication of Steps effectiveness for my 8th grader.
We found Steps in Mid-April, with the grade down to “F” and deteriorating further, zero enthusiasm on my kid’s part and my desperate desire to turn things around.
Steps did it! The amazing Jennifer Kelly, in just 8 weeks, brought the interest, motivation, and smile back to where it belongs and instead of failing the class my boy is on track to next level in high school. Most importantly, he now once again wants to do well in math and he regained his confidence in his ability. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cannot put a tag on this, this is priceless.”

Parent, Hart Middle School

“I didn’t really think that a prep course for the SAT was going to help a straight A student like myself. However, I soon discovered that I was very wrong. The Steps course not only helped me prepare for the subject matter tested on the SAT, it helped me to familiarize myself with the test format and get comfortable with the test-taking process”.

- Wendy, Foothill High School, Junior

“Because I took the Steps SAT prep course, I went into the test with the confidence I needed, and although I had some testing-day jitters, I was able to remain calm because I had practiced so much with the testing format.  I had taken a practice test previously, and my score improved by 190 points on the real thing. I scored BIG, and I know I owe much of my score to the teachers at Steps. Thanks Everyone!”

- Jennifer, Foothill High School, Junior

“We couldn’t have asked for a better place to help tutor our daughter! Steps has such a friendly and fun atmosphere that kept our daughter engaged in class. It gave her the confidence she needed to excel and she was prepared to discuss the material in class. I highly recommend Steps to anyone who is looking to get their child extra help with their school work.”

-AV Parent